Mission: To provide a safe structured alcohol and drug free environment for women who are dedicating their life to sobriety. 


This is a recovery home for women. No men will be allowed in the resident's sleeping areas. No guests are allowed in the house without staff approval

There will be no violence or weapons tolerated at any time. 

No Foul language will be tolerated, including screaming, yelling at residents or staff members. 

There will be no use of illegal drugs or narcotic perscriptions allowed (on or off the premises) while a resident of New Life House. 

Residents will remain clean and sober to continue residency. All prescribed medications will be kept by staff. You will be issued a full day supply of your medications each morning. No narcotic prescriptions will be permitted. Emergency medical situations will be addressed on a case to case basis. 

If you remain on the premises after you have been given notice to leave, law enforcement will be called to assist in your removal.

If asked to leave, you will not be allowed back on the premises for a minimum of 30 days. You may re-apply for residency after 30 days. Criminal trespassing charges will be filed if you attempt to return prior to 30 days without staff approval. 

Each person will keep their sleeping area clean. Beds are to be made each morning and personal belongings kept in their appropriate place. In addition, you will be assigned chores each week and refusal to complete assigned chores will result in a sanction. 

All food is to be kept in the kitchen area. You will be expected to clean up your mess after you eat or perpare a meal. "Community food" obtained from the food bank or other sources are to be shared among residents. If you want food other than what is provided, you will need to purchase the food on your own and keep it in sealed, labeled containers. 

NO SMOKING inside the house. Smoking will be allowed in designated smoking areas only. Place cigarette butts in the designated containers outside. 

All resdients are expected to maintain personal hygiene. You are responsible for cleaning the tub/shower after each use. Proper clothing is required at all times. 

Relationships are not allowed during the first six months of your stay. You are expected to have thoroughly complete Step 1 through 9 prior to any involvement in a romantic relationship. 

You are expected to attend at least three (3) AA or NA meetings a week and obtain a sponsor to assist you in working the 12 steps. Transportation will be provided to meetings. While at the meeting you are expected to not cause disruption, This includes not getting up during the meeting to go outside and smoke or visit. Smoking and socializing needs to be done before and/or after the meeting. 

A weekly house meeting will be held for residents to discuss any ideas or issues involving their stay at New Life House. It is mandatory to attend unless otherwise approved by the director.



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